Cookie Policy

Abrites Ltd. is using “cookies”. We use cookies to make sure that the services we offer will be optimized for the needs of our clients and the website visitors accordingly, and we will be able to guarantee the proper functioning of the website. The use of cookies ensures that you get the most appropriate information and the best user experience, including outside of the website as a personalized advertisement. They help you get a special individual experience when using our services and provide you with more relevant content, and also help us to analyze better the clients’ behaviour.

This cookie policy provides you with information about the collectiion and processing of cookies by for the purposes of the personalization, assessment, improvement and security of our services, as well as their management. The Policy is compliant with the active national and European regulations, in particular to the Directive 2002/58/EC about the right of personal life integrity and the right of electronic communications under the Electronic Communications Act. can save cookies on your computer or mobile device with your consent, as upon using our website you provide your free, explicit, particular and informed indication of your will to receive our services and accordingly the cookies related to this processing. 

What are “cookies”?

Cookies are small text files that can be saved on your device / browser when you visit the website and used to store temporarily information about the user. Upon your next visit to the website, the browser will send back to the web server the information in the already created cookies. The different types of  cookies have different storage periods, which means that upon a subsequent visit of our website, the cookie could be already deleted. Every browser has a separate space for storage of cookies and if you are using more than one browser, it is possible that cookies with identical purposes and by identical web servers are saved more than once.

Cookies and personal data

The cookies do not generally individualize a specific person, but give information about the browser and the device used. Personal data collected by cookies can only be used to perform user-specific features on the website. The data is encrypted to prevent access by unauthorized persons and is not used in any way except for the purpose of provision of the full functionality of the website and the use of our services.

The technical information we collect on cookies does not constitute personal data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (EC) 2016/679 and the active national and European regulations as it is not sufficiently individualizing. Its use is required for operation of the website, collection of the necessary information, including legally required information, guarantee of the security of website users, and improvement of the services we provide to you.

What cookies we use on our website?

Depending on the term for storage of cookies on the user’s device, they are divided to session and permanent cookies. Session cookies are stored temporarily on your device and are deleted after the session is over – when the website is closed. Permanent cookies are stored on the end device for the term provided for them or until they are deleted by the user. You can see hereinafter a detailed list of the specific cookies we collect and the terms for their storage.

Apart from the division based on the term for their storage, there are also the following types of cookies: 

  1. Essential cookies

The major functionalities of our website are for the most part dependent on the cookies we have placed. Without these cookies, the website would not function properly. If you disallow these cookies, you will not be able to sign in to our website, and make purchases and use other basic features of

  1. Functional cookies

We use these cookies for features like:

  • To remember what settings you have chosen in your account, what favorite products you have specified, what delivery information you have selected on your last order, and more.
  • To recommend products that match your preferences.
  • To collect and analyze how the website is used so we can improve the user experience and make our website even easier and more convenient.

How to deactivate the cookies

Every user has the opportunity to control the use of cookies, to allow, delete and deactivate the collection of the cookies henceforth, through the settings of the web browser you are using. In the different browsers the tools which are used to control the use of the cookies can be found on different places, as most often they can be found in the “Options”/ “Settings”/ “Preferences” menu. Again in the menu of the respective browser, which contains the settings for allowing, deactivating and blocking cookies, you can also find the option to delete the already stored cookies.

You can also change the default automatic management of the cookies, respectively the terms set for their storage, again through the settings of your browser.

It is important you take into consideration that with the restriction and the deletion of the cookies, as well as the change of their automatic management, it is possible that you won’t be able to use the complete functionalities of Abrites LTD and this may cause malfunctioning and technical errors upon entering and shopping from our website.                                

Cookies used by Abrites LTD:

Cookies or technical means for storing the information from the usage of the website

Purpose and functions of the cookie

Term for storage of the cookie


The user agrees with the usage of cookies by the website

10 years


We track the time during which the user is not logged on and if less than a minute time has passed, we do not show the modal dialogue for stimulation of a log-in/registration



We set this cookie so that the modal dialogue for stimulation of a log-in/registration may show up only if at least 4 hours from the last pop-up have passed.

4 hours


It is used for showing a modal dialogue related to GDPR, which asks the user if he agrees to the General Terms and Conditions  and the Privacy Policy

Single session


It is generally used for notificiations

Single session


It is used about Google Analytics

Session, without еnding time

This Cookie policy is adopted on 23 May, 2022. All future amendments to our Policy shall be published on this web page.