Battery Data

Batteries often are the most expensive part in a vehicle. Carmon collects and visualises a variety of battery data helping you to find early signs of potential faults leading to increased up time, and reducing your maintenance expenses. 

Vehicle Energy Management

Get insights from consumed and regenerated energy in a glimpse! We can collect relevant data from all modules in the vehicle. With Carmon you can see patterns and find how to optimise energy consumption which will reduce your expenses or increase the length of a route.

Smart Driving​

Analysing driving behavior will improve the safety and the comfort of the passengers increasing efficiency. With Carmon you can monitor the driving style, regeneration rate, harsh braking, unnecessary acceleration, and speed on a given route.

Smart Routs

Combining vehicle energy management and smart driving, Carmon adds an additional layer of optimisation, helping you to plan your routs the best way. The proper rout planing can decrease the needed chargers, reducing expenses for implementing EV transport.

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