Avoid Costly Repairs​

Catching a problem early leads to saving money, effective fleet management, and happy clients. Unchecked problems will cause more issues and lead to more expensive repairs combined with increased downtime. Prevent them!
Carmon will detect problems as early as possible and push notifications to dedicated staff, so they can take action before the problems become more serious.

Reduce Vehicle Downtime

Breaking down or failing takes the vehicle out of service for a long period of time. Every downtime leads to money loss and client dissatisfaction. Issues may worsen if your company doesn’t have a spare vehicle to replace a falling one. This will lead to delays not only for the current job, but will have an impact on every job in the queue. Having many free vehicles, on the other hand, means that you are not using your resources effectively.
Carmon remote diagnostic can detect a problem before it gets serious. Having the opportunity to take action before the problem deepens will reduce the vehicle downtime and will let you manage your entire fleet better.

Improve Decision Making​

Available information about the vehicle is often very limited and frequently drivers don’t know what to do and just ignore the indicator. If they still decide to take action and call their administrator, they won’t know what the real problem is. So the problem will remain unsolved and will lead to more expensive repairs and increased downtime.
With Carmon, you can make better decisions about the issues in your fleet. The administrator will know there is one the second it appears, and can make a better informed decision. They will know whether it is ok for the vehicle to continue, wait for a technician, or needs special vehicles and staff to be sent.

Eliminate Distance Issues

Most often fleet owners have vehicles crossing multiple borders to execute a task. Every issue occurring far from home could lead to high maintenance costs and delays.
With Carmon, you have real-time remote diagnostic for your fleet at your disposal no matter the location. Making a fast and well-informed decision on what to do in case of a problem, is a key to a reliable and effective fleet.

On-Time Delivery

Delivering products on time is the main goal of every fleet company. Unexpected failures and breakdowns could prevent you from reaching this goal and potentially cause negative consequences.
With the built-in remote diagnostic in Carmon, you can see early signs of problems. Knowing what to do before it happens can give you time to make the best decision depending on the specific situation. This can prevent the need to send specialised staff and equipment or a spare vehicle, by just clearing a DTC or sending commands directly from Carmon. The result would not only be a fast solution, but will save money and will be unnoticeable for the client who would be happy for the load delivered on time.

Clear DTCs

A Diagnostic Trouble Code is a way to diagnose and communicate malfunctions in a vehicle. They are available to the driver on the dashboard, but only as an indicator light. Seeing the light without knowing the reason behind it can be very confusing. Sometimes faults ignored by the driver can lead to serious and expensive breakdowns. Other times, the DTC shows an error from a minor problem, but the whole vehicle won’t work properly. It is strange how insignificant errors can lead to expensive and slow repairs.
With Carmon you can clear DTCs regardless of the location of the vehicle in a matter of seconds with the click of a button. Carmon is an extremely effective problem-solving and prevention tool at your disposal!

Data-Driven Decision Making

Having a troubled vehicle perform a task can be a very stressful and expensive case. Not having enough information about why it happens and what to do often leads to more stress and more expenses. Making the wrong decision about the situation can increase the downtime two or three times.

Carmon remote diagnostic can detect a problem before it gets serious. Having the opportunity to take action beforehand will reduce the vehicle downtime and will let you manage your entire fleet more effectively.

Send Commands

Sometimes the only way to fix a problem in your broken-down vehicle is by sending commands to it. You can do it using a special device, by sending experienced staff to your vehicle, or sending it to a specialised garage, all of which are slow and expensive solutions.
With Carmon you can send commands to a vehicle regardless of the location. You can carry out actuator tests, reset the Ad Blue module, lock, unlock, and many more! Having full control over the vehicle in our platform will save you a lot of money and time. You can not only fix issues remotely, but also prevent improper use of a vehicle.